"Melted Men are the antithesis of palatable pop music. More surrealist mad scientists than musicians, they have their fingers and ears permanently locked on cutting and slicing new sounds and samples. Instead of guitars and drums, this Athens, Georgia outfit uses records as well as exotic and handmade instruments - playing them at different speeds or out of context - before adding and layering their own experiments and soundbites. The result is a humorous collage of sonic oddity that has seen them labeled as "a funky experimental party noise karaoke entertainment act." "Smoke Alarm Limbo" is a collection of simple, stripped-down, surreal re-compositions... each song a journey to a new landscape endowed with its own unique elements and atmosphere. Featuring growled vocals... bouncy electronics... toe-tapping, funky beats complete with "whoop-whoops" a la Jay Z, Jew's harp and gamelan-like sounds. We feel that we've finally come full circle...with a sick fusion of "world" music and a delectable mixture of hacked-off animal parts. Produced by Trztn." Transparent Vinyl with Mini-Poster inside.
in stock | US| 2004| m-/m-| PINKSOCK | 4.87

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