"Traditional instruments, electronics and distorted vocals are dragged through an array of influences to create a world that is as original as it is unclassifiable. Originally released back in 2006 by Colombian label La Distritofonica, the limited CD-only album showcased a rare style of "Abstract folk music" inspired on the experiments of some Bogota collectives from the time (2005-2006). Recorded and composed in Copenhagen between 2005/06 by founding and core member Eblis Alvarez (vocals, guitars & electronics) each song is intended to explore a different energy and mood, from the pure abstract rhythms, to concrete vallenato, cumbia and currulao. Alvarez explains further: "I was looking for a very abstract image of these influences, working a lot with the sound, but not in an electronic music fashion - looking for mainly weird results in rhythm and texture. My way of playing the instruments is not quite usual either, making a lot of small noises and deformed melodies."" (label info)
in stock | UK| 2016| DISCREPANT | 16.90

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