"A cold and chopped journey awaits you in this collaboration between electronic duo Metalux and sound levitator, John Wiese. Vocals are chopped and oscillation wave forms move themselves into long sheets of ribbon thin taffy with confusing intent. The middle ground in this collaboration has a coldwave appeal that clicks with fans of throbbing rhythmic noise like Wolf Eyes and Forcefield. This record is not noise however, more a full blown Kevorkian cocktail of reverberated malaise. The seven unnamed tracks flow one into the next with a rebounded tape smack that does not forget foot bounce, while keeping the main dome fully occupied with variable speed vox fukkk and equipment groan. This one is for the heads and takes notions of either artist to places where neither artist is safe going. This is for late nights and early mornings." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| vg+/m-| LOAD RECORDS | 8.00

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