"Reversing to go forward, Metamono infuse a touch of raw energy and fun into the, far too often, stale and faceless blankness of electronic music; fashioning a odd radiophonic synthesis of atavistic futurism. This time around the tracks have a certain floating, dub-esque feel and quality, and reach out further into the unexplored reaches of space. Mattressphere is a 11-minute throbbing propelled voyage that sounds like The Orb if they teamed up with Mouse On Mars for a motoring acid-house project. Gently colliding and skipping beats ride over a roving baseline as the reverberations of wafting radio transmissions breeze in and out of the cosmic-techno grooves on this, the longest Metamono recorded track yet" (godisinthetvzine)
in stock | UK| 2012| INSTRUMENTARIUM RECORDS | 9.90

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