special offer "Based in Crystal Palace, metamono are musicians Paul Conboy and Jono Podmore (also known as Kumo, the name with which he works with Can's Irmin Schmidt), and artist Mark Hill, more outsider than trained musician as such but who acts as the conscience of the group and is forever on hand to jolt his colleagues out of any bad musicianly habits. All of them have built or preserved their own instruments, soldering together latterday mechanical mutations from equipment too prematurely discarded by capitalism's hellbent tendency towards planned obsolescence... their debut album, their most fully realised and advanced recording to date, a double vinyl release, a showcase of metamono's philosophy, physical and emotional range and immense capabilities. Each of its four sides are practically colour-coded, each expressing a facet of the group's work and highly characterful character. metamono always work on a thematic basis rather than simply slinging out what they've managed to put together; and so, this album is selected from a vast archive and stockpile of material." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2013| INSTRUMENTARIUM RECORDS | 19.90

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