MI AMI - CUT MEN LTD (12" m-/m-)

"Mi Ami's Thrill Jockey debut is a brand new 12" called Cut Men and features two new tracks. Recorded at Lucky Cat Studios (where they also did Watersports) with Trans Am's Phil Manley, both songs were tracked in a single day and mixed the next. The A-side was recorded live with only vocal overdubs. The recording captures the energy and tension of a live performance with stunning clarity. The B-side is a dub. It's a heavy, deep, and oblique re-visioning of the A-side that began as a version but transformed into a song of unique character and energy. Recorded as an extended take, 'Out at Night' was later manipulated with slight edits and further dub mixing." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| m-/m-| THRILL JOCKEY | 10.90

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