clear vinyl, 300 copies "using an old door, 17 strings, chopsticks and combining them with phasers, echo units and amplification, the new device was to become his signature sound, mixing irish folk influences with asian and north african sounds in a mesmerising and soulful new way that brought him to the attention of the leading improvisers of his day - alice coltrane, ravi shankar, don cherry and more. a logical follow up to allchival's recent reissue of stano's debut lp, michael o'shea's self titled lp was originally released on wire's dome imprint in 1982. the first side features the fifteen minute masterpiece "no journeys end" with the b side featuring more input from wire in processing the mo chara sound. lewis himself said years later of the forgotten masterpiece: "i always said it was the best job we ever did." after an aborted lp with the the's matt johnson the following year, o'shea quietly disappeared from the formal recording world and his brief but unique contribution to the music world came to a sad end in 1991 when o'shea was struck by a post van and died a few days later in hospital in london. this repress on all city's allchival imprint has been remastered and reissued with the approval of both dome and his surviving siblings." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2018| ALLCHIVAL | 20.37

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