"Impossible Music arises out of the zone of nonlinear dynamic systems, being based on a strange attractor discovered by physicists at the CERN nuclear research centre. By real-time manipulation of this fractal structure's parameters, Peters and Matthias Ebbinghaus generate 16 algorithmically grounded improvisations. Algorithms - essentially, objectified sequences of instructions - can, as John Cage recognised, produce results that personal taste might have precluded, and figures as diverse as Xenakis and Eno have used such procedures effectively. Limited interventions, such as those Peters makes, add an improvisatory aspect that can conjure up further structural variation and surprise. But beyond the glacial satisfactions of the concept and a sense of the abstracted structure, the pleasure of such music necessarily depends on the quality of the sound material. Most of the samples Peters uses are percussion. There are classical guitar-like timbres on "Alhambra Algebra", synthetic pipe organ sonorities on "Blow Up Meltdown", marirnba tones on "Woodenfall". The digital piano often approximates a concert grand. It's done well, but surely strange attractors cry out for wilder and less familiar sounds." Julian Cowley - The Wire April 2009
in stock | DE| 2009| HYPERFUNCTION | 9.90

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