"Material Study 01 (Sand) is a recording from a stereo hydrophone buried under the sand in a lake. Material Study 02 (Cello and jacket) is made from a cello as it is dropped onto a carpeted floor with a contact microphone taped to it's bridge. Spatialisation Study 01 (One freeze from seven positions in a house) is made from four frozen tones generated from a file on my computer in a computer audio synthesis environment. Spatialisation Study 02 (Forty-nine tracks of isolated and overlayed clicks generated from the material and positions of the previous study) is made from the convolution of randomly generated stereo 'clicks' with the seven two minute segments (mentioned above) in a computer audio synthesis environment. A pencil rubbing for the album cover is made from a pencil rubbing of the texture of a wall." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2012| SPECTRUM SPOOLS | 17.90

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