""it has become taken for granted that nothing concerned with art is self-evident any more, neither in it nor in its relationship with the whole - not even its right to exist." it is with these words that adorno begins his "aesthetic theory". CD 1: trio. studie for piano, violin and violoncello 10:49, choral for voice and for instruments 7:49, und aber. musik for string quartet 16:24, kommen - überschreibungen for 5 voices 11:36, trio 3 for bassetthorn, bass clarinet and piano 10:08, mirlitonnades pour petite flute 2:45. CD 2: zählergesang for ensemble 10:47, schnitt & fortsetzung for flute, harp, guitar, piano and pauke 10:26, duo pianism for two pianos 8:12, ahto. music for 8 instruments 12:30, stratton for ensemble 11:34, szenen, standbilder for 4 instruments 9:24. total playing time 2:02:38." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| EDITION RZ | 22.90

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