"The Deutsche Depressionshilfe states that every fifth German citizen falls ill with a depression once in a lifetime. According to an estimate of the World Health Organization, depression or affective disorders will be the second most common widespread disease worldwide this year. However, therapeutic measures are still not fully accessible in many countries - including Germany - and the lack of therapy places is just as much a reason for this as the social stigmatization associated with mental disorders. With Therapy Flowers, the Cologne-based literary scholar and art historian Michaela Predeick provides a photographic artifact of psychotherapy. In this volume she collects 60 photographs of bouquets and flower arrangements taken in the waiting room of a psychotherapeutic practice in Cologne. The number of pictures is not arbitrary but results from the number of sessions that the statutory health insurance companies grants for initial applications for long-term therapy for behavioral therapies. Within this contingent of hours, work is done to improve the mental health of the patients and thus to increase their quality of life. Predeick's photographs, meanwhile, focus on a seemingly minor aspect of the weekly therapy visit: the design of the waiting area of the practice. Each conversation with the therapist is preceded by a short and "wordless encounter" with a fresh bouquet of flowers, which she captures in a photographic picture." (label info) CD with: 01 Cucina Povera - Kimppu (7:43) 02 Jannis Carbotta - Alles Licht aufsaugen mit den Augen (1:02) 03 Mazzo - Dreaming Tree (4:45) 04 Benedikt Frey - Triadic Ballet Excerpt pt. 3 (3:52) 05 Conny Frischauf - Im Sog des Risikos (6:19) 06 Museum Of No Art - Soften yourself in my liquidness (5:41) 07 Houschyar - Réveille-Toi Appelle-Moi (4:35) 08 Tableau Vivant - Soft Commodity (6:03) 09 Anatolian Weapons - Onwards (4:57) 10 Bartellow & Lukas Rabe - LAGO (10:50) 11 Globus - The Purple Harvest (5:30) 12 Emanuel Mooner - Nächtliche Aktivitäten (6:20) 13 Marlene Stark - Isabelle (4:42) 14 Love-Songs - Gesteck 01 (4:57) 15 Infuso Giallo - Pseudoacacia (4:41) 16 Twoonky - Bruca (7:10) 17 Niklas Wandt - Richmodis (5:10) 18 Mantra Mantra - Roter Goldlack (4:24) 19 canelonely - BYL (4:29) 20 Wiktor Milczarek - Raflezja (6:16) 21 Misonica - Fernweh (4:33) 22 Akrüül - Der Kornealreflex (5:25) 23 Cristov - Schienen (6:32)
in stock | DE| 2020| KAME HOUSE /STREZELECKI | 32.00

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