"Miimo is a Japanese Post-Dub electronica trio formed in 2005. Members are Yoshio Machida, tatsu, a well known bassist in Japan in the field of Ska, Reggae to J- pop, Norihide Saji (a.k.a. plot.), a drummer / laptop artist. 2nd album "miimo 2" is pop-electro Dub album featuring Steelpan & Electronic Steelpan (Pankat) sounds. Afro beat meets 8bit game sound, vocoder sound on Brazilain rhythm with sweet melody, feat. eccentric Portuguese rap, polyrhythmic waltz-Dub, feat. J-pop female silky singing etc. Different from ordinary dub tracks and electronica, miimo's music includes several musical elements. miimo translates Dub as music created by polyrhythm and sound effects, or some kind of hybrid like Impressive melody by Steelpan, electronic groove, multiple languages (lyrics), Jazzy upright bass... Made with 3 guest musicians; Kassin an artist from new Brazilian music scene, Toshiyuki Yasuda aka collaborator with Towa Tei (Deee- Lite) and Yuiko a J-pop female singer." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2009| AMORFON | 14.90

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