"Mika is not so-called a musician but keeps making short music like journals by utilizing the melody composing tool on her cellular phone. The sound composed with her rule and control is the rough as a sketch and mysterious (small) electronic music, which is so far from something made to be musical but very attractive. Those songs out of over 300 are chosen to be sent to the artists and reborn as new music with their interpretations. This album is with one complete-ness where the participated artists could demonstrate their styles and flavors. This work has become a tranquil, happy and unique album where an unknown girl's sound (even not a musician) was being reconstructed while all the popular artists enjoyed working on the procedure (a good story is that all of them were also fond of her music). (label info) participants: Flim, Alejandra & Aeron, Greg Davis, Hans Appelqvist, Harald "sack" Ziegler, Chris Rosenau, Yoonkee, Steve Roden, Patrik Torsson, Asuna, Bexar Bexar, Ian Epps , Un caddie reaverse dans l'herve, Yuichiro Fujimoto." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| POWER SHOVEL AUDIO | 16.90

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