catalogue + 2 CD audio, 92 pages "In the past thirteen years Mika Vainio has exhibited in some of the major art spaces in Europe, and he has collaborated with both a number of important artists and curators. Since his musical work has been in the focus of attention, his installations have never gained the broader recognition they deserve - without good reason. In the present book, an overview will give a clear outline of this segment of his oeuvre. Also his realized soundtracks for other artists, in the genres of video, film and dance are included. Each work is presented with a significant selection of images (installation views, visuals or sketches) and an explanatory text to deliver its basic idea. In the two essays Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Daniela Cascella - longtime companions and collaborators - delicately introduce Vainio's conceptions to further enlight the reader's understanding. On the enclosed CDs one can find a selection of tracks created for the respective installations and soundtracks." (label info) CD1 - mika vanio. time examined, all tracks originate from the installation and soundtrack pieces presented in the book, CD2 - Ø + noto. mikro makro, this is a re-issue of the original CD released on noton/rastermusic in 1997
in stock | DE| 2010| RASTER-NOTON | 36.90

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