"The music collected on this CD gives a broad picture of Mikael Råberg's musical spectrum. Mikael has always picked song soloists who have a sort of Nordic style of singing, possessing an almost virgin purity. The young Linda Pettersson, who has a starring role on this recording, fits his music like a glove. It is easy to recognise the Råberg voice in the pure big band music on the recording. But one can also find music of a decidedly different sort, wholly new music which associates to the short period in jazz history from the end of the 50s which we have come to call Third Stream. At the time, it was a serious attempt to marry jazz and bebop with serious classical music. We are here given a modern variant of a related crossover, with light and impressive touch." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2001| PHONO SUECIA | 8.90

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