Limited Edition of 75 unique numbered copies "This release is dedicated to the video works of Mike Cooper, a cosmopolitan figure of which musically it seems superfluous to say. From bluesman of the first hour, to improviser/experimenter of the European (and not) more interesting scene, to proponent of a sort of experimental exotica that has become, over time, his trademark. But, instead of the well-known and represented musician and sound artist, this publication offers, in two DVDs for almost 3 and a half hours in duration, perhaps the least known side of Cooper's creativity, that of filmic works. The videos included here were made over a period of about 20 years, around the world (obviously, we would say ...): from Sri Lanka to Bali, from Timor East to Hong Kong (Lamma), from Crete to Sardinia, using different technologies, and different filmic approaches (from experimental fiction to video reportage, up to a very personal approach to video art), sometimes intersecting the visual trajectories with his music, sometimes simply leaving the video camera microphones open, sometimes narrating stories. All of this merged in a single or multi screen audio video visual project (often shown as a live performance) centered on small island cultures. In the Box (which have the usual, extremely limited edition), there will be also a selection of travel photos and drawings (in photo and poster formats), as well as a booklet with very detailed notes on all the videos. (Please note: due to the limited edition the video supports are DVD-R, singularly printed and checked)." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2021| ANTS RECORDS | 49.90

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