"Mike Kelley's project "Day Is Done" exists in several different forms and formats. At its first presentation at Gagosian Gallery, NYC, in November 2005 it consisted of a large installation of thirty-two separate video chapters. Each chapter was a reconstruction that had at its source a photograph of an extracurricular activity found in a high school yearbook. Over the years Kelley has collected hundreds of such images and arranged them into rough categories, such as: religious performances, thugs, hicks, satanic imagery, and equestrian events. The double CD "Day Is Done" is the "orginal motion picture soundtrack" of the project. Music and lyrics by Mike Kelley, arrangements and orchestration by Scott Benzel. Forty-nine hallucinatory tracks with titles as "Horse Dance Of The False Virgin", "Ol' Filthy", and "My Purple Cave"." (Book Beat)
in stock | US| 2005| COMPOUND ANNEX | 20.90

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