"Mike Mangino was half of the insanely creative New Jersey-based duo SMERSH. They started releasing cassettes in 1981 and went on like a couple of mad men in a tornado until Chris Shepard passed away in 1995. They created unique dub, noise, industrial, synth together. We came across their music in the late 80's through that hot Dead Man's Curve LP and we have been big fans ever since. Years later I found Mike Mangino's Soundcloud page and started to frequently worship it in a obsessive way. I wrote him a message about releasing something and I rather quickly got some dubby deep house tracks, which I thought was suitable for a hi fi silver disc. It proved to be GREAT driving music too. Mike Mangino is a legend that still creates necessary sounds for us. Thanks!!!!!!!!!" (Joachim Nordwall)
in stock | SE| 2020| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 12.90

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