"In 2014, while wrapping up the mix sessions for Syntropy, Mike Wexler found himself writing a different kind of song. Whereas Syntropy had been beholden to a world of ideas laying just beyond the purview of the songs themselves, something new began to present itself - something more streamlined, more personal, direct, and grounded in a bedrock universality of form. Where was this shift coming from? - At the same time decidedly more straightforward and troublingly dark. With November 2016 came the US election - sadly and suddenly the mood fit. But bringing the songs to life proved challenging. Something was missing. In April of 2017, after sharing several bills at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Troost and elsewhere, Mike got together with Synthetic Love Dream - David Lackner, Adrian Knight, Max Zuckerman, and Mike Advensky - to play through some of the new material he'd been working on. It was something of a eureka moment. In this setting, with their accompaniment, the songs turned a new and different face to the light. Here was the missing piece - a well-oiled band able to realize these subtle and complex forms with lightness, playfulness, and consistency. This outsider "wrecking crew" of sorts backing up Mike can be found operating under a few aka's: whether toeing the line between smooth(ish), borderline taboo sophisti-pop and seedy art-damage as Blue Jazz TV, or exploring the territory between long-form pitch study and minimal jazz ballad as Synthetic Love Dream, amidst a plethora of other projects centered around Lackner's Galtta Tapes label." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2020| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 17.90

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