"MORPHICA follows Mikhail Karikis's enthusiastically received debut album Orphica (2007) in an unprecedented genre-bending interdisciplinary feast. MORPHICA re-imagines the notion of the music 'remix' and expands to the realms of visual art and creative writing. Described by Mikhail as a project about "finding a common cause in uncommon ground", MORPHICA explores the theme of transformation and politics of difference. Having as its starting point the morphing of Mikhail's debut album, MORPHICA features a triple album with studio and live concert recordings of collaborations with over 20 international musicians ranging from pioneering DJs to acclaimed early-music choirs, contemporary composers and performers:" (label info) Feat. Kasper T.Toeplitz, David Shea, Horatio Radulescu, Ryoi Ikeda, Gerard Hourbette, Fausto Romitelli, Jean-Paul Dessy and many more." (label info) with E:laine, Conall Gleeson, Leon Michener,Claudia Molitor, Paul Abbott, Lee Fraser, Juice Vocal Ensemble, Rob(u)rang (Gabriel Séverin), dj Spooky and early-music choir Alamire (formed with members from the Hilliard Ensemble).
in stock | BE| 2009| SUB ROSA | 12.90

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