"The multi artist Marco Evaristti, and the producers Pablo Bolivar (Regular, Barcelona) and Mikkel Metal (Kompakt, Copenhagen) have collaborated on this EP. Marco Evaristti, known for his provocative artworks such as the goldfish in the blender and the Ferrari sarcophagus, has explored our inner world of demons, illustrated through grotesque distortion and satire. According to the artist, satire is the strongest instrument communicating serious subjects of existentialistic character. On this release, the musicians had to musically interpret the issue regarding capital punishment. Be it the melancholy of life or the sunrise after death. The A-side of this release is occupied by Pablo Bolivar a frequent player on the Jato-Unit imprint. Pablo is known for his works on Regular and his performance in the duo Pulshar. The track on this release tell us a story of a time after death. Big endless chords, deep reverberation and pulsing sines. Brightness is the main theme and it shines clearly through in this production. While keeping the groove going with a deep smooth pulse bass, you will experience that time stops around you for as long as the track is playing. The B-side is held by Mikkel Metal, known for his productions on Kompakt and Echochord. A real bohemian in the realm of techno. The track rises like the phoenix bird, from silent crackling to a blazing blizard of echoing guitars. While the endless bass keeps the ongoing groove alive, you are not doubting the misery and loneliness awaiting the death row inmates." Limited picture disc, numbered edition of 200 copies housed in a gatefold sleeve; comes in 3 different LP covers with original signatures from Mikkel Metal and Pablo Bolivar glued inside with a unique insert. (label info)
in stock | DK| 2010| m-/m-| JATO UNIT | 10.00

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