"After the release of 40 Sekunden ohne Gewicht, emphase is proud to present this first miniklon-release. 1,5 Farfisa was composed and recorded by miniklon-member Dirk Specht. In fact he used only one Farfisa, but several distortion- and compression-effects. That's why Specht decided to name his piece 1,5 Farfisa. He created a hypnotic track with a deep, heartbeatlike groove. It contrasts with 6 Mbiras in many ways, but like this it's overtones provide a subtle deepness. Musician and sound-artist Frank Schültge aka F.s.:Blumm works and releases with countless musical projects on labels like Morr, Gefriem, Tom, Staubgold, Plattenmeister and others. Definitely Blumm reached an underground cult-status in Germany already. Blumm composed 6 Mbiras as an answer to 1,5 Farfisa: "Now my job - introducing the instrument according to its inherent nature and, at the same time, empathizing with "1.5 Farfisa" - was not hard, because the automatic expression which arises when I play the Mbira has mostly a repetitive and minimal-music-like gesture." Another reference is -not only by name-: "Six Marimbas", a piece by Steve Reich." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2000| vg+/vg+| EMPHASE | 5.00

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