Previous LP-only release from 2000. "Newly re-mastered CD version makes available (again) one of Heemann and Chalk's most peculiar, early aural odysseys. For their fifth project, Nightwalkers, Mirror teamed-up with Andreas Martin (Mimir member and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire) for a set of pieces that could well be their most adventurous and bizarre still yet. The result is an incredibly mysterious series of turbulent and richly spacious explorations that is curiously active, but at the same moment appears suspended in time. The subtle inclusion of rhythmic elements with sustained tonalities reveals ominous, distant landscapes and hallucinogenic excursions into further uncharted territories. Now available on CD in a full color digipak, reproducing the original album artwork and insert." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2004| ROBOT RECORDS | 16.90

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