"False Walls releases Molar's debut recording, continuing the label's series of improvisation-based CDs. Molar's electronic excursions are created with laptop, keyboard and processed guitar, resulting in evocative and continuously evolving soundscapes. Merging gritty analog with clean digital sounds, the rhythms and melodies repeatedly morph, and tangential shifts in each track take the listener to unexpected destinations. The group's brand of improvisation ranges from minimal to aggressive, from dark to quirky. Although electronic in production, the results are organic and impulsive, due in part to the live processing of Jim Goodspeed's guitar through Matthew Johnson's keyboards. The nature of this arrangement creates a diversity of timbres, with unpredictable sounds and textures throughout the album. The recorded improvisations have been carefully structured through the editing process in order to retain the spontaneity and reveal the subtleties. The music challenges the categorization of being exclusively "electronic". Molar's attitude and interplay should appeal to improv, rock, and electronic music devotees alike." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| vg++/m-| FALSE WALLS | 10.00

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