"Sound collaged with thrift stores, long forgotten vinyls, put together on samplers and cassette tapes, experimenting with textures, melodies and screwing the sounds into cloudy horizons, where the crackling of the record is hard to separate from the sound of rain intermingled and given new life as haunting, organic and romantic compositions made somehow with the same architecture as the idols from the mid 90s. The first recordings and sketches from the "The End" sessions were made during 2006 and continues until 2013 and includes a selection of recordings, photos and sketches. Three already published projects: "I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose" (2009), the sessions from the collaboration with Scottish mastermind Momus that resulted in three physical publications; The "Thunderclown" EP (2011), "Thunderclown" LP (2012) and the instrumental outtakes (that can be found on this record) the "Thundersketches" EP (2012), the "Kaikki Loppunu" sessions that was published as a split EP with Milan W by Joke Leonare and Yana Foke called Music For Night(shops) in 2013 and then unpublished outtakes from the Thunderclown sessions and never released material from those years." (label info) comes in special packaging, with inlays
in stock | JP| 2016| FLAU | 16.90

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