special offer "The MONKS OF MALASPINA debut release is a phantastical psychedelic mystery musical filled with dark woods wonder and honey comb clouds over sparkling fjords from deep within the mountains of Canada's British Columbia. Highway 101 ends here, or like this new record, begins. Members of the band call up roots from First Nation relations with Jesuit missionaries co-mingled with a diverse offspring from a free love commune started in the 1970's. Most of the music on this record is gloriously strange with a capella outbursts both finely tuned and guttural. Decomposing abstract rock anthems stretch out alongside primitive beat-boxing. There are more familiar sounding songs as well giving the whole album an aura of storytelling magic, like it is all based on some fabulous old book. M.O.M. was produced and arranged by Theo Angell who lead the group into some pretty tripped out improvisations. The Monks of Malaspina are Sofar Lorraine, Pournt Falster, Freel Bequelle, Frist Clupps and Thlowlth Fissure. The album was engineered by Dreetmont Accel with mastering by Josh Stevenson." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2010| TEXTILE | 8.90

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