"Monty Adkins is a composer and performer whose music is characterised by slow shifting organic instrumental and concrete soundscapes. Having worked across a number of genres since 1994 his work has, since 2006, become increasingly minimal and introspective. This recent work focuses on encouraging a deeper immersive listening experience. Working with a reduced sonic palette Adkins draws together elements from ambient, minimal electronica, acousmatic and experimental electronic music. fragile.flicker.fragment is a deeply moving album. Every frequency is beautifully catered for in these tracks of shimmering acousmatic beauty and deeply resonating foundations. Each layer occupying its own place whilst building the overall acoustic experience. Adkins' quest to reconcile abstract electronic sound material and melody is explored in this album. This is further strengthened by the inherent visual quality to the tracks, reflecting the relationship between his work and paintings by Pip Dickens." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| AUDIOBULB | 10.90

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