"Thierry Müller and Aaron Moore met up during a shared gig in 2009. Although they were playing separate sets, that gave them the opportunity to share their respect for each other's work. Striving for new experiences, they booked a studio to see what they could get out of this, without any preconceived idea in mind. This session was strikingly fruitful. By the end of it, an album was conceived. The two musicians immediately wanted to release this on vinyl, and with their endless productivity, a double LP was rapidly considered. Almost nothing was changed apart from the rerecording of Aaron's voice on Absolute Divorce and I Swan You. Actually, the only difficulty was to cut a few bits so that it all fitted on two sides of a vinyl. The variety of the instruments and the musical richness of those 74 minutes give you a hard time to put this record into any category. Alternately noisy, melodic, rock or ambient, Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow is an experimental record in the literal and figurative sense." (label info) with insert and download code
in stock | CH| 2012| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 21.90

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