""For Batteries" is a material recorded by duo Macio Moretti and Paul Wirkus, as part of a djzzapora series. It was an unusual concert that took place in Warsaw, at the Off Gallery, October 27th 2002. It was the first ever meeting of two remarkable artists and remarkable union - a standard percussion set duo. "For Batteries" is a record of spontaneous improvisation, reaching further then typical beat of drummers. These musicians use soft sounds; they operate with unusual techniques, and pay attention to ambient, atmospheric side of their instruments. What one can find is a lot of whispers, murmurs and vibrations. Once for a while one can feel a bit jazzy, rhythmical passages that creates amazing tension. It can be said that that record brings an unplugged electronic-ambient." (label info)
in stock | PL| 2002| KILOGRAM RECORDS | 14.90

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