"...and so the new mOAR subdivision of and/OAR starts off its 2008 CD release schedule on a happy-go-lucky child-like note with Untree by Italian project Mou, Lips! (Andrea Gabriele, from Pirandelo and formerly of Tu m') with various tracks featuring Emanuela De Angelis, Stephen Vitiello, Jara Queeto, Marita Cosma and Ivan Solano. Untree displays Gabriele's well honed ability to weave a complex mix of seemingly incompatible elements, instruments and musical influences into cohesive and unified song-like structures while always keeping one root firmly planted in the soil of the electronic avant garde. This is certainly an album that will keep revealing new aspects of itself with each successive listen while inspiring a good mood to shine through, even on psychologically cold and rainy days." (label info) limited to 300 copies - special offer
in stock | US| 2008| MOAR | 4.90

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