"In spring 1994 Mouse on Mars contributed an exclusive piece to Sähkö Recordings' ambient radio project, a one-week public radio program that was aired citywide in Helsinki, Finland. Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner recorded sounds in and around their studio in Düsseldorf Bilk to construct one continuous composition that spanned the course of one neighborhood walk. Midi-controlled synths, samplers, analogue effects, tape delays, effect pedals, guitars and a jew's harp were juxtaposed with recordings captured during the walk. An additional microphone that pointed out of the studio window was occasionally dubbed into the mix. The resulting collage was broadcast just a few months before the group's debut album Vulvaland came out and never aired again. 30 years into the band's existence Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner revise the duo's history by producing three LPs that would place the band's discography under a slightly different light. Bilk marks the beginning of that investigation: a free-flowing assemblage of everything that vibrates and can be caught on tape. A 30 year old recording with subtle new edits and additions." (label info) Artwork Soulis Moustakidis. Art Direction Rupert Smyth. Vinyl Master Cem Oral.
in stock | DE| 2023| SONIG | 24.90

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