"Mouse on Mars have produced an intense new album, which, in contrast to all their previous releases, is both as unexpected as it is timeless. It's all about the innermost structure of music: about the particles of the possible and how it all coheres. Mouse on Mars have managed to produce the very thing Pop music has always been predicated upon though seldom able to deliver: the idea of an immediate, sensual kind of music as the expression of the greatest possible freedom and movement; of inner awakening and the surmounting of external obstacles for a life in the Here and Now. Every tone is absolute and binding; every sound is part of an idea, every melody a story. A rich density of detail, which can no longer be plucked apart and which, unlike earlier albums, has reached a kind of self-oscillation - the calm at the heart of the storm." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| m-/v+| SONIG | 13.90

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