special offer 2006 album on Ipecac "After recording five albums for Thrill Jockey Records, they now (2006) team up with Ipecac Recordings for the release of Varcharz ... Varcharz emerges partly from the sessions that produced 2004's kinetic dance party, Radical Connector, but reveals the harder and more experimental side of the group. For this album, Mouse on Mars digested a steady diet of spatial free-jazz and cocaine-fried booty funk to deliver an album reflecting their energetic live sets' sparkling chaos and glorious precision. Veering away from the vocal hooks of Radical Connector, Varcharz is nine tracks of energetic impulses, heavy riffing from grained sounds and canned percussion, and slamming bottom end insanity provided by notorious sequenced bass and kick drum jolts. Varcharz is also spiked with catchy pop references, anarchic rock interpretations and manga-style pathos." (label info) Limited vinyl version available on Sonig.
in stock | US| 2006| IPECAC RECORDINGS | 7.90

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