"While "Parastrophics", Mouse on Mars' 10th studio album, was recorded over a period of 5 years, "WOW" is of much more spontaneous nature. Right after "Parastrophics" was released in February 2012, Mouse on Mars started collecting the ideas for "WOW", a bass heavy club orientated album. The final assemblage took about 5 weeks and was finished by the end of July. "WOW" is based on immediacy. A bass drama of three letter words. Intuition, Punch, Massiveness. The host who leads through the entire mini-album is Dao Anh Khanh whom the band met during their Asia tour 2011. Dao i s a performer and sculptor from Vietnam, who invented a fantasy language which the band recorded together with him in an arcane Hanoi studio. Further voice contributions are from the Argentinian girl punk band Las Kellies and Eric D. Clarke. All together it makes a story which is epic, abstract, intense and ridiculous at the same time. Mouse on Mars gone theatrical. "WOW" also features the wretchup, an iphone app which was invented by Mouse on Mars during the preparations of their orchestral work "Paeanumnion". The band has also been using this effect app on "Parastrophics" and live during their 2012 album tour." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| MONKEYTOWN RECORDS | 9.90

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