"A side each of fertile noise-rot from Montreals Cousins of Reggae and Brooklyns Mouthus. Soundly rejected by Discovery Channel - the Cousins five-track suite about the Hudson Bay follows up their limited & hard-to-find debut l.p. (on Ohnonoise) & a recent cd-r on Mouthuss Our Mouth imprint. They set sail with some hyperactive stompers and narcoleptic stumblers intent on capsizing all vessels in their path before coming under attack by a squadron of pissed off jet-skiiers. On flip are two massive Mouthus jams - "New Drugz" & "Better Than Facemask" which perfectly capture a day spent peaking on mescaline at the Daytona 500. Limited edition of 500 with unique handpainted covers and full-color inserts.." (label info) back in stock
in stock | US| 2006| OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE | 16.90

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