"Slow and hushed shimmer that both crushes and sautés neurons on impact. Mouthus is a Brooklyn-based duo of Brian Sullivan and Nate Nelson who have crafted a considerable body of work since forming in 2002. Of the many records on labels they have released over the years: Ecstatic Peace, Psych-o-Path, Important, Troubleman, Music Fellowship, this record comes as their FIRST studio record. Recorded in nude fidelity at Rare Book Room by Samara Lubelski, this recording realizes the furious skin pound and crackling amp burn the duo is so capable of, and adds an organic clarity. Mouthus are very much in the school of NY bands like Excepter and Sightings that merge hard and sometimes velvety psych sounds with a pioneering spirit of experimentation... Mouthus do not forget the ROCK and in fact melt flatware into silvery puddles. Over the course of two segmented suites, the band journeys deep into the no-mans land between the kick drum and guitar amplifier and returns with the golden teeth of the dead." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| vg+/m-| LOAD RECORDS | 8.00

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