"sound and reality: live impressions of a musician's world. as work-in-progress a collection of sonic notes forms ten distinctive soundtracks ("tonspuren"). the raw ingredients are more or less everyday recordings, snapshots like street noises in heidelberg, backgrounds of a journey, just sounds on tour. one after another, david moufang edits these tracks, each time based on another technical and musical principle to create a realtime soundtrack on stage with the help of laptop and instrument(s), and the audience witnesses the development of single sonic images and their whereabouts within those soundtracks. the 2nd sonic arts festival in erlangen, hosted on feb 7th-9th 2003, aims for a high number of premieres, putting an emphasis on concepts that are created live in front of their audience. a playground for performances is the markgrafen theatre of erlangen with its artistic focus on the topic "sound and reality"." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| BINEMUSIC | 13.90

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