"Two studio recordings and one audio assault on a live audience from a recent tour of the US make a masterly entry into MSBR's already impressive dossier of harsh and powerful electronic noise. Oscillations and distorted drones descend into highly detailed harsh cuts of sound. Through his own label MSBR has been a predominant force in the Japanese power electronics scene, releasing his own and other artists works as well as publishing the Japanese magazine ElectNoiz dedicated to artists from his own country and abroad. With numerous releases under his belt, the cuts on Ultimate Ambience 2 serve to reinforce his influence and deserved place in the development of Japanese harsh electronics. A beautiful and intricately detailed mesh of analogue rumbles, distorted scratches and tones that can intrigue at a low volume as background speaker fuzz or demand as an up-front loud and unclean attack. To be placed in the 'extreme' section of your collection." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2000| vg+/m-| 20CITY | 8.00

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