"MSS MEESTERD issue 11 was thrown together while working on a mountain of collages which are shown at "I want your name and my name on a flyer", a group exhibtion with Peter Fengler, Dennis Tyfus, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Vaast Colson, Joris Van De Moortel and Kim Gordon at Tatjana Pieters gallery in ghent! this issue shows 20 collages which were not shown at the exhibition, made with photo's from DT's personal photo archive, including miserably messed up photos of a the singer of präparation-H, Vaast Colson and Stephane Schraenen hugging like it is 1999, Miaux without glasses, a failed chocolate cake, some straight edge bands i can't remember the name off, looking up a recipe for duck breasts, a Not Yet show in 1997, Crumar Young of Speedqueen, and friendship in general.. all off set printed at de wrikker 20 pages limited to 150 copies." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2013| ULTRA ECZEMA | 8.90

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