"Whereas many of today's kosmiche-influenced artists bubble up from the noise scene (with knob-twiddling pedal pusher seemingly a prequisite to sequencing synth jammer these days), Mudboy's work hints more toward the avant-garde as well as a touch of the classical. Originally released on CD in 2005, This Is Folk Music finds Lyon placing each sound with purpose and carefully sequencing the songs to create a dark, slightly twisted yet strangely beautiful soundscape. Listen to the gunshot crack that kicks the album into high gear on "Solitron Wave", the seamless transition from the sparkling melody of "Running" into the jungle rhythms of "Beirut Dance Party", even commonplace field recordings of waves and night sounds take on a different dimension in Lyon's hands. This Is Folk Music may have been his first major release but already, all the trademark elements are present: the skewed aesthetic, the attention to detail and especially, the strong compositional sense. This is Mudboy. Art/layout by Raphael Lyon. Vinyl reissue specially re-sequenced by the artist. Limited edition of 500 includes 22" x 22" insert with mp3 download of the album in its original form." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| WEIRD FOREST | 16.90

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