"For the realization of "Spacecraft", recorded in Koln in 1967, MEV were Frederic Rzewski (amplified glass and springs), Alvin Curran (electric percussion, trumpet, voice), Richard Teitelbaum (moog synthesizer), Allen Bryanta (homemade synthesizer), Ivan Vandor (alto saxophone). "Spacecraft" is a composition, in the sense that it is based on a particular combination of ideas. In order to play "Spacecraft" it was necessary to be more or less familiar with these ideas. The performers all knew each other. Every performance was the moment of a continuous process. This process then came to an end, as it were, and the rather esoteric techniques used in the maintaining it were abandoned in favour of others which were more open, more accessible to the casual visitor or listener. This CD also includes " Unified Patchwork Theory ", recorded in Zurich at Rote Frabrik by MEV including Frederic Rzewski (piano), Alvin Curran (sampler, synths), Richard Teitelbaum (synths), Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Garrett List (trombone, voice, electronics). This CD is included in a beatiful digipack black and white sleeve with photos and liner notes. Also included is a 8 page booklet with an essay by Frederic Rzewski titled "Plan for Spacecraft", as well as "Some MEV Memories" by Richard Teitelbaum and the chronology the "Spacecraft" performances in Europe in 1967. New edition remastered by Giuseppe ielasi." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2001| ALGA MARGHEN | 16.90

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