"Musique Infinie is the collaborative project of Manuel Oberholzer a.k.a. Feldermelder and Noémi Büchi. Their album »Earth«, released through Hallow Ground, is based on a spontaneously composed live score for Alexander Dovzhenko's groundbreaking 1930 silent film »Zemlya« (»Earth«) created for the 24th edition of Videoex - International Experimental Film & Video Festival. Frequently cited as a masterpiece of early 20th century filmmaking, the movie deals with the collectivisation of Ukraine's agriculture. The Swiss duo complemented it with atmospherically rich electronic soundscapes that are both deeply immersive and highly evocative. As a stand-alone music release, the two-piece album »Earth« captures the essence of Büchi and Oberholzer's collaboration that is marked by mutual trust and musical versatility that puts them in a state of »togetherness trance,« as they call it." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2024| HALLOW GROUND | 19.90

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