"To approach the concept of The Great Void from an aural point-of-view is daunting. Being lost in an infinite state of flux brings simultaneous states of pure madness and tranquility. It is within this duality that the OPALIO brothers, ROBERTO & MAURIZIO, wave their magic wand, creating an astral blessing of the highest order. Greetings From the Great Void, the third installment in a trilogy that began with MCIAA's The Rest is Silence, is the sound of The White Light; the movement from the physical to the psychic; one last breath before being consumed by the cosmic ether. Greetings From the Great Void shows its real strength in how it was constructed. Recorded over a two-day period in April 2005, there were no overdubs or outtakes. This is music straight from the spheres. Where there is nothing, there is everything. My Cat is an Alien emerge from these extreme conditions reborn. These recordings traverse light years of space, leaving stellar soundwaves flickering in the dust. The Opalios perform a cathartic psychedelic exorcism with each note searching for new harmonies amongst the wreckage of the cosmos. Once they pierce the heavens, they control galaxies like puppets on strings. If this is the music of The Great Void, it is a place I want to get lost in forever." (Foxy Digitalis)
in stock | US| 2006| ECLIPSE RECORDS | 24.90

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