"Double CD set collecting out-of-print volume 1 and 2, previously released as separate CDs. Gatefold cardboard jacket with clothbound spine and paste-on artwork. Includes liner notes, full introduction and cover artwork by Roberto Opalio. Elliptical Noise is proud to present this ambitious two-disc concept album; disc 1 by cosmic brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio aka My Cat Is An Alien, and disc 2 by Praxinoscope, Roberto's side project with long-time collaborator Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Black Magic Disco)." (label info) "This work shows an apparently new side of My Cat Is An Alien, but be careful not to be deceived. I just believe that what was already inborn appeared more vivid and explicit at a certain point. One day we realized it was no more possible to discern archaic art and post-modern art in our palette; it was clear that they were both reflected in the same hall of mirrors, which our whole aesthetics has always been inclined to, continuosly escaping from and returning to it, everytime re-confirming its own essence. In other words, alien art and archaic art are the same thing. Volume 1 starts with an acoustic blues performed by myself, dedicated to the pioneers of the American primitive music and in particular to the spirit of Charley Patton, which was psychically obsessing me at the moment of creation - Charley, this is for you! - And Volume 2 ends with a Praxinoscope's piece of total cosmic blast... and of archaic transcendence. In fact all archaic art deals with death, sex, transcendence and Eternity. Anyone who does not look from this perspective cannot understand and appreciate contemporary art, even less pretend to use the term 'avant-garde' without exposing oneself to ridicule. We're all living days suspended in the Void. The difference is in consciousness: this is real artists' duty. Beyond and other than this, only oblivion." (R.Opalio) comes with download code
in stock | IT| 2011| ELLIPTICAL NOISE | 13.90

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