2018 repress "As foretaste of My Cat Is An Alien's 20th anniversary in winter 2017, their new LP "RE-SI-STEN-ZA!" well represents the summa of the duo's music activity, from their early space toys-era to the latest self-made electronics and string instruments outputs. Featuring two of the duo's longest compositions, the album reaches 50 minutes of NEW ALIEN MUSIC at highest analog quality, that My Cat Is An Alien claim to be "the complete communion between Alpha and Omega". Gorgeous "Metallic Gold Wax" color LP, Jacket designed and handcrafted by MCIAA. Black cardboard jacket with 11"x8" glossy, paste-on cover artwork. Includes 2 double-sided inserts with poem lyrics, photographs, foreword by Roberto Opalio, MCIAA's portrait, full credits. Plus full-album Digital Download card." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2018| OPAX RECORDS | 19.90

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