"A winter day two years ago I found out that an entire section of my vinyl records collection was completely ruined by an inexplicable oxidation process. (...) As a first reaction, I decided not to play those records ever again... and that I did, for a long time. 'Til one night, exhausted, I felt the absolute urgency to listen to one of those LPs whose musical content got buried by the vinyl surface noise. In that moment the shocking epiphany: (...) slowly, I began to perceive that not only the old, beloved sounds I was used to were all still there, but also that the layer of ground noise obliged me to an even more attentive and active listening; thus I was discovering very subtle sound details now claiming their own being and pretending their own space. The idea of a new MCIAA album came out of this enlightenment. A new concept concerning the representation of music on the one hand and its perception on the other. A music so essential and precious as to be discovered by the listener little by little, because hidden by a blanket of crackling noise, which I obtained from the blank grooves of my damaged vinyls. Thus, here we are: infinite spaces of disintegration and psycho-existential ecstasy. essentially, spaces of non-limited, non-stoppable Poetry." (Roberto Opalio, from the linernotes) comes in 4-panel cardboard sleeve
in stock | IT| 2018| ELLIPTICAL NOISE | 15.90

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