"In this year's bouquet of roses (aka lots of N-releases, man!) the LP 'Trischen' provides the prickly thorny fraction. While they maintained a low profile or slightly occurred in the Scandinavian twilight at the end of the last double album 'Bergen', this time the fang's of N's music gnaw at the ear canals from Trischen's first chords on. While remaining there they transmute increasingly into rusty saw blades. That raw salty feedback spume burns in the eyes of those who let them wander across the horizon much too long. At times some unshaped mammoth bird bursts through the cloud cover. Beginning to shiver in the shadow of that monster you don't really want to know what ornithological entities are breeding on the island that seems to be ready at hand. Although... The somewhat tender-footed have already looked for shelter in the damp harborage. But the adventurers with stars in their eyes are already heading for 'Trischen' on a barge." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| GENESUNGSWERK | 13.90

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