"Second release in the Oh Boy! series. Just as many other labels and producers, Hobby Industries has fallen for the ever expanding UK bass sounds and hip hop influenced wonky ideas. We have mixed it up with the simple and melodic Scandinavian Hobby touch. However, it should be audible that the Oh Boy! inspiration comes from places like London, Glasgow, Amsterdam and LA. Nabo is the alias used by 20 years old Uffe Christensen. Nabo means neighbour (in Danish), and for some time he actually was a neighbour to Aslope (HI021) with whom he and other likeminded founded New Folder, a local dj and production collective, working hard to present Copenhagen to new ideas in sounds. The same can be said about his other collaborative DJ / Producer unit, Burger. So far Nabo´s claim to fame is remixes and a few things cropping up on local compilations, but already he is getting thumbs up from some of his own international inspirations. Especially Clouds (who´s mix of Neigh is on this release). Also, music by the likes of Rustie and Lukid has been influencial in his take on mixing samples with simple but effective synth and basslines. Perhaps close to what people would call wonky, this ep should give a hint of simply good electronic music." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| m-/m-| HOBBY INDUSTRIES | 8.00

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