"Young Japanese guitarist, improvisor and field-recordings passionist, Naoki Ishida released his debut album on Ukrainian Quasi Pop records. He took his main inspirations from electronic avantgarde music, free jazz and Japanese traditional music as well. "Tone Redust" represents luch and disturbing ambience of modern megapolis, subtle & clinking sinteziser drones and extremely minimalistic guitar chords. This simple, open-minded and clear sound, paradoxically, produces the very deep hearing, thinking and watching by means of slicing the audio-events to the layers vertically and to the pieces horizontally. Meanwhile, Naoki is managing to keep his balance well between home-made folk, clumsy jazz and actual aerial aesthetics. Doubtless, this is the most minimalistic and organic-sounded record ever released on Quasi Pop. Limited edition (500 copies). CD comes in handcragted gatefold digifile made with special uncoated hardpaper." (label info) special offer.
in stock | UA| 2006| QUASI POP | 8.90

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