MITSURU, NASUNO - PREQUEL OCT. 1998 - MAR. 1999 + 1 (CD - USED vg++/m-)

"This is the first cd of Nasuno Mitsuru a.k.a. 'Groove Master', top bass player of Tokyo underground music field. The years for the recordings are from 1998 to 1999 as the title. M3 & M4 were included in 'Improvised Music from Japan' 10 CD set, this 'Prequel...' CD is a kind of complete version. All tunes are composed - improvised - effected experimentally but we can feel a kind of mellowness, tenderness, humor, etc. Here it is singular work. Also note remarkable style of each collaborated musician (indicated song listing). The last tune, bonus track (+1) is the demo, suggest his next work. Nasuno Mitsuru: Nasuno plays as bass player with Altered States, Korekyojin, Unbeltipo Trio, The World Heritage, Bad Knoid etc.'1. The Next Minute (Watanabe Michihisa, Nasuno Mitsuru) Kido Natsuki (guitar) Masuko Tatsuki (alpha-juno cello) Otomo Yoshihide (turntable). Nasuno Mitsuru (bass, voice, programming) 2. Before The Rain (Nasuno) Masuko Fumie (vocal) Samm Bennett (wave drum) Nasuno Mitsuru (bass, programming)3. Motai (Nasuno) Samm Bennett (wave drum) Nasuno Mitsuru (bass, keyboard, voice, programming, etc. 4. Karamel (Nasuno) Isoda Osamu (guitar, voice) Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (drum, percussion) Nasuno Mitsuru (bass, programming, etc.)5. The Mists (Watanabe, Nasuno) Masuko Tatsuki (organ, drum) Nasuno Mitsuru (bass, voice, programming, drum)6. SB (Nasuno) Tanaka Yumiko (gidayu shamisen, voice) Nasuno Mitsuru (voice)7. Beyond The Cross (Watanabe, Nasuno) Otomo Yoshihide (turntable) Nasuno Mitsuru (bass, guitar, voice)8. Mobile Syndrome ver.0302 (Nasuno) Minakata Michiko (keyboard) Numata Jun (noises) Nasuno Mitsuru (bass, voice, programming, etc.)" (label info)
in stock | JP| 2008| vg++/m-| DOUBTMUSIC | 10.00

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